Experts guidelines on deep cleaning the living room

Every person’s dream is to live in a clean and cozy house. A house where you can sit back and relax, free from stress and any other problems. But to realize this dream, a person needs to pass through different sets of seen and unseen challenges. First one will be time management. In the busy schedule, one finds hard to manage time to clean the rooms even though it’s their top priority for hygiene. In most cases, people clean their rooms superficially. And later they hire professional home cleaners to do the cleaning. But the area where most family members gather frequently, like the living room needs to be clean always. So clustering the cleaning work will be of help to maintain the hygiene of family members. Additionally, with a living room cleaning checklist will help to have a clear picture of which areas are required to clean.

Living room cleaning checklist

As per the frequency of work, we can create two types of checklist – daily and monthly. You need to clean or manage the area mentioned in the daily cleaning checklist daily as it may accumulate dust and germs quicker. Regarding the monthly cleaning checklist, you need to clean at least once a month but the frequency may increase if these areas get dirty quickly.

Here’s what you need to take care of in the daily and monthly checklist.


  1. Collect the books, magazine, indoor games, and other materials and organize them at appropriate places after using them.
  2. Vacuum the carpet and any other surface that needs cleaning. Pick up crumbs that you observe on the floor.
  3. Organize and vacuum the sofa as well. Pick up crumbs, if you observe any.
  4. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the dust deposited in the areas.


  1. Mirrors and glasses – Mirror presents your image. So it should be checked regularly for dirt. First, dust them off and then wipe with microfiber. You can follow the same step with glasses as well.
  2. Upholstery – Vacuum upholstery twice a month. This will take care of deposited dust on the furniture. But remember to clean right after you notice any stains and spills.
  3. Lampshades – Dust the lampshades at least twice a month. You can use a microfiber to make it clean. Additionally, spot cleans the shades when you notice any stains.
  4. Throws and Furniture cover – Most people overlook to clean throws and covers. Ensure to get a good scrub while washing it. The frequency of washing may increase upon how fast the dirt is collected in it.
  5. Light fixtures – As Light fixtures collect dust and cobwebs, it should be cleaned twice a month. Use an extending duster to clean the fixtures. The duster will be able to grab all the dust and cobwebs. In addition to that don’t forget to clean the lamp, the mount and the bulb as well.

Professional Living Room Cleaning Tips

Along with a living room cleaning checklist, you need to have a strong cleaning strategy for different areas. The following guidelines will help you to be productive in limited time and get the best results.

  1. Use your house shoe to prevent outside dirt from getting into the house.
  2. Be sure to divide the living room into clusters. It is easy to clean one at a time rather than go for the whole area.
  3. Another important suggestion that every expert gives is to clean from top to bottom.
  4. The first step to cleaning is dusting. Start with the top items like ceiling, ceiling fan, etc and then finally on the bottom.
  5. If the things are scattered around the room. Organize those and then only clean the room.
  6. The last thing you can do is vacuum the place. Don’t forget to vacuum yourself out of the room so you don’t create prints.
  7. Don’t forget to do one thing at a time. Multi-tasking won’t help you to get a clean room quickly.