8 killer tips for shifting to new house

After years of struggle, you are shifting to your new home. The home that feels comfortable, and beautiful. Every person, working in Sydney, would love to have their own home because it will be free from those nasty agreements, responsibilities at the lease-end. But do you think move-in will just be an easy task? Certainly not. You should look after the checklists such as cleaning, packing and then unpacking.

Hence we have developed the guide for you to learn the steps in these situations.


We know that shifting to a new house without any renovation and decoration is a horrible thought. since you will experience many problems directly after you move-in. Hence you need to plan not only to move into a new house but also on leaving the current apartment. So you need to prepare two different checklists.

Checklist: Shifting to a new house

Changing locks on the doors: The first necessary step for anyone, changing locks on the doors, should be followed. This way you can ensure safety at your new house. Otherwise, previous owners or property agents may have the keys. So it’s highly recommended to install new locks for peace of mind.

Check rooms and switch: Check rooms to ensure everything is in a proper place. After the switch as well and if you find broken switch then change it immediately. Remember electricity leakage does severe harm.

Paint the house: To make it feel refreshing and new, colouring your new house is the best option. By colouring according to colour psychology, it will spread positivity at your new house.

Cleaning: After painting your house, clean the house thoroughly. You can do it by yourself or hire a professional that provides affordable move-in cleaning Sydney service.

Next level decoration: To make a comfortable home, you need to decorate with your ideas. Decorating your house will level up your feeling inside your house and makes comfortable.

Finally, you can shift to your new house.

Checklist: Leaving the current apartment

Packing your stuff: Shifting your stuff from your apartment to your new beautiful home has significant risk. The sensitive stuff may be broken so you should do the packing carefully. The safest procedure is to hire moving experts.

End of lease cleaning: At the time of the agreement, you are asked to leave the rented place in its original state as far as possible. so you should clean the apartment. if you want to ensure, you get your bond returned then you should hire Vacate cleaners who provide end of lease cleaning Sydney service. With their help, you can get your money without cleaning issues.

Note: if you would like to learn more about the end of lease cleaning, we hope this article “what is end of lease cleaning?” will help you understand the meaning, nature, and its scope.

Handing apartment to the landlord or property manager: After cleaning task done, you can hand over the apartment to your landlord or estate agents and move to your new house.

Steps for getting bond back: Another important step is to get your bond back. You need to submit “Claim for the refund for Bond Money FORM” through Fair Trading Website. You can learn more detailed steps through this article on how to get the bond back.